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Monthly Archives: January 2021


Tractor Trailer Involved In Major Crash In Bradenton

By Steven G. Lavely |

A major car accident in Bradenton recently that involved a tractor trailer left several drivers suffering serious injuries. While police are continuing to investigate the causes, it is important for motorists to be aware of the risks when sharing the road with this type of truck and other big rigs. Following some simple precautions… Read More »


Protecting Your Child Against Car Accidents In Bradenton

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accidents in Bradenton can result in serious and potentially life-threatening injuries both for drivers and any passengers involved. This is particularly true in the event that there are children in the vehicle. While car seats and other safety features can help to protect them, they are still among the most vulnerable to injuries…. Read More »


Six New Year’s Resolutions To Reduce Car Accident Risks In 2021

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accidents in Bradenton happen on an unfortunately regular basis and can leave drivers and their passengers suffering serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. While the reckless actions of other motorists are often to blame, there are steps you can take to reduce your risks. The following are six New Year’s resolutions to make in… Read More »


One Teen Killed, Three Others Injured In Manatee County Car Accident

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accidents can happen to drivers of all ages. However, teens are at higher risk. Sadly, a recent car accident in Manatee County claimed the life of one local teen and left three others with serious injuries. For parents, it is important to be aware of potential risk factors that make these types of… Read More »