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Bradenton Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Despite efforts by lawmakers and advocates to reduce the number of intoxicated drivers on the road, drunk driving accidents, and related injuries and deaths, continue to plague the state of Florida. Often resulting in devastating consequences, accidents caused by drunk drivers comprise a large percentage of total motor vehicle accidents in Florida every year.

Anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time can become the victim of a drunk driver’s foolish choice to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. At the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely, our experienced Bradenton drunk driving accident lawyer has helped clients like you seek compensation for their injuries after a drunk driving crash, and knows what it takes to effectively represent you during the claims process.

Recovering Compensation after a Crash Caused by a Drunk Driver

If you are involved in a crash in Florida, the first thing that you should think about is seeking medical care. Of course, medical treatment is expensive, which is why the state of Florida requires its drivers to carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, which pays for medical expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses regardless of fault. Florida is a no-fault system, which means that while the actions of the drunk driver were surely egregious, and they are surely to blame for your injuries, you are barred from filing a claim against them unless you suffer serious injuries.

Florida Serious Injury Statute and Filing a Claim Against a Drunk Driver

If you do suffer serious injuries, which are defined by Florida code as those which lead to permanent scarring, disfigurement, or loss of a bodily function, you can file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance, or file a lawsuit directly against the drunk driver. In order to recover compensation for your injuries, you will need to prove fault.

If the driver was drunk at the time of the crash, and you have evidence to prove this, such as police reports and blood/breath testing evidence, this is indicative of fault. As such, the driver may be held liable for the full extent of losses you have suffered, and be required to pay you damages as such. Punitive damages may even be available; punitive damages are allowed in Florida when a plaintiff can demonstrate that the defendant exercised intentional misconduct or gross negligence.

Why You Should Contact an Attorney after a Crash Involving a Drunk Driver

Whether you are filing a claim for damages with your own insurance company, or pursuing a claim against the drunk driver, working with a Bradenton drunk driving accident lawyer can prove helpful. Even when working with your own insurance company, providing evidence of the extent of your damages, and negotiating for a settlement that addresses your losses, will be necessary. At the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely, we have the experience that counts, and know how to provide you with effective representation that you deserve.

To schedule a consultation with our law offices today, contact us now online or by phone. There is no fee unless we win your case.

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