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Deciding to Take Your Car Accident Claim to Court

By Steven G. Lavely |

For drivers and passengers injured as the result of car accidents in which another driver is to blame, the first response generally is to seek compensation through a car accident insurance settlement. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies proves to be challenging for many people, as they often attempt to save money by denying or… Read More »


Reckless Driving Behaviors and Car Accidents

By Steven G. Lavely |

When car crashes occur, we refer to them as ‘accidents’ even though it is generally the reckless and negligent behavior of other drivers which are to blame. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer represents the victims involved in these collisions, who often suffer serious and potentially life threatening injuries that can impact their ability to… Read More »


Settling with an Insurer vs. Taking Your Car Accident Claim to Court

By Steven G. Lavely |

When car accidents and injuries occur, most people file a claim with their insurer, hoping to recoup payment for their medical expenses, property damages, and lost wages. But what do you do if your car accident claim is denied, or if the amount of compensation the insurance company offers is less than you expected?… Read More »


What if You are Partially at Fault for a Car Accident or Injuries?

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accidents are complex events. The cause of the accident itself and the injuries you suffered may be due to a variety of factors. Maybe you failed to notice that a light was about to turn red, or you forgot to fasten your seatbelt before heading out onto the road. While other drivers in… Read More »


Why You Need a Professional to Negotiate Your Insurance Claim

By Steven G. Lavely |

When you are involved in a car accident or other type of motor vehicle collision, you depend on your insurer to get compensation for your injuries and losses. These companies rely on insurance adjusters, highly trained professionals assigned to investigate your case. Unfortunately, their job is to make money for the insurance company by… Read More »


Car Accident Investigations

By Steven G. Lavely |

When you suffer injuries as the result of a car accident, there are numerous factors to consider before your claim can be settled. In addition to determining property damages and who is at fault, the nature of your injuries, the extent of treatment you will need, and any lingering impacts all need to be… Read More »


Put it Down: Florida’s Campaign to Reduce Distracted Driving Accidents

By Steven G. Lavely |

Florida leads the nation when it comes to distracted driving accidents, and law enforcement officials have gotten aggressive in their efforts to raise awareness of the potential dangers. While most people are familiar with the fact that texting or using cellphones behind the wheel makes car accidents and injuries more likely to occur, there… Read More »


Play It Safe On New Year’s Eve

By Steven G. Lavely |

Heading out for a night on the town is a New Year’s Eve tradition, and the Bradenton and St. Petersburg areas feature an abundance of different types of events to choose from. While toasting in the New Year is often part of the fun, be sure and make arrangements for how to get home…. Read More »


Safety Tips for Florida Winter Travelers

By Steven G. Lavely |

While locals make plans to visit family and friends over the holidays throughout the state and in other parts of the country, many people choose Florida as a winter destination. For all of these travelers, it is important to expect an increase in the amount of traffic on the roads, along with changes in… Read More »


Five Common Types of Parking Lot Accidents

By Steven G. Lavely |

Over the holidays, parking lots around malls and retail establishments become very busy places, filled with shoppers either buying or returning items. With everyone in a hurry and distracted by to do lists, car accidents are more likely to occur. While often dismissed as mere fender benders, parking lot accidents can end up resulting… Read More »