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Bradenton Bicycle Accident Lawyer

As a bicyclist, you have the right to share the road with motorists, and you have the right to seek compensation if you are injured while doing so.

Whether in the city or on coastal roads, bicycle riders are becoming more and more common in St. Pete and the Bradenton-Sarasota area. With our weather, people can commute by bike all year long, and tourists often rent bicycles to cruise from their hotels to the beach and into town. However, while fun and environmentally friendly, bicycles are not the safest mode of transportation—not because bike riders are irresponsible, but because drivers too often fail to look out for bicyclists with whom they share the road. After an accident, you have a right to file a claim with your insurance company and seek damages for your losses – a Bradenton bicycle accident lawyer at the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely can help.

Bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle usually result from a driver’s inattention or even purposeful failure to yield the right of way to the cyclist. Here are some examples of the ways bicycle accidents can happen:

  • A motor vehicle hits the bike rider from behind or the side
  • A driver turns left or right and hits the bike rider
  • A driver emerges into the path of a bike rider
  • A driver makes a sudden lane change and hits the bike rider
  • The bike rider is brushed by a car or blown off the road
  • The bike rider is forced off the road by a passing motor vehicle
  • The bike rider is forced to swerve into the path of other vehicles by a driver blocking the bicycle lane
  • Drivers or passengers open doors in the path of a moving bike rider

Personal injury lawyer Steven G. Lavely has represented dozens of bike riders injured in bicycle accidents in bradenton and sarasota.

Pursuing a bicycle injury claim can be daunting without expert representation. Attorney Steven G. Lavely is board-certified by The Florida Bar and is highly familiar with the special rules of the road that apply to bicyclists and automobiles. As an expert trial lawyer, he is confident he can advise you of your rights, which are too frequently ignored by the driving public.

Bicycyle accidents often result in serious, life-changing injuries.

Catastrophic injuries, ranging from broken bones to facial disfigurement, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, and even death, are the far too common result of bicycle-vehicle collisions. Fortunately for injured cyclists, it is possible to take negligent drivers to task for their role in bike accidents and injuries. A successful personal injury claim can help pay for future medical treatment and necessary rehabilitation, and start to make up for the pain and suffering associated with the injury.

Call the law office of Steven G. Lavely if you have been injured in a bike accident.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an injury-causing bike accident in Southwest Florida, do not hesitate to contact a Bradenton bicycle accident lawyer at the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely for help. You pay nothing unless we obtain compensation on your behalf.

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