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Daylight Saving Time Increases Drowsy Driving Car Accident Risks

By Steven G. Lavely |

Each year, at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in March, Bradenton residents ‘spring forward’ and set their clocks one hour ahead. Later sunsets during Daylight Saving Time are a benefit, but there are some serious risks. Time changes disrupt our internal clocks and can have major impacts on our sleep schedules.  Our Bradenton… Read More »


March Is Brain Injury Awareness Month

By Steven G. Lavely |

Brain injuries can happen due to any type of sudden bump or blow, or as a result of a sudden jolt or violent shaking of the head. They are one of the most common and potentially severe types of personal injuries, and motor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes. In honor of Brain… Read More »


Your Rights To Punitive Damages In A Bradenton Car Accident Claim

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accidents in Bradenton often happen due to the negligence of other drivers involved. When reckless and dangerous driving behavior on their part causes you to suffer serious harm, you have the right to hold them liable for your costs. Compensation in a car accident lawsuit is referred to as damages. Our Bradenton car… Read More »


Talking To Police After A Car Accident In Bradenton

By Steven G. Lavely |

Considering the high rate of car accidents in Bradenton, your risks of being involved in one are high. It is important to be aware of your legal obligations when any type of crash occurs, as well as your rights in terms of seeking compensation for your injuries. Notifying the police is the first step…. Read More »


How To Get Compensation For A Hit And Run Car Accident In Bradenton

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accidents can happen to even the most experienced of drivers. When negligence on the part of other motorists is responsible, you have the right to hold them accountable. Unfortunately, to avoid liability, the at-fault party may attempt to flee the scene. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer details steps to follow if a hit-and-run… Read More »


Five Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Car Accidents In Bradenton In 2023

By Steven G. Lavely |

The start of the new year is a good time to set goals and make resolutions. Protecting your personal safety is a primary concern and one of the biggest threats is the high rate of car accidents in Bradenton. These can happen even to the safest of drivers, but our Bradenton car accident lawyer… Read More »


Wrong Way Crashes Among Most Deadly Types Of Car Accidents In Bradenton

By Steven G. Lavely |

Any type of car accident in Bradenton can result in serious personal injuries, but wrong-way crashes are one of the most dangerous. Unfortunately, they are common on major roads and highways and can leave drivers and passengers suffering severe, potentially life-threatening harm. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer explains more about the risks. Wrong Way… Read More »


How To Avoid Out-Of-Pocket Costs When Dealing With Insurers After A Bradenton Car Accident

By Steven G. Lavely |

Personal injuries and property damages associated with car accidents in Bradenton can quickly add up. While insurance can help offset your costs, settlements could still leave you paying out-of-pocket. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer explains how to avoid these expenses and get the maximum amount you deserve. Common Types of Out-Of-Pocket Costs Associated With… Read More »


Gross Negligence In Bradenton Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

By Steven G. Lavely |

If you are injured in a car accident in Bradenton, it may have been due to negligence on the part of others involved. You have the right to hold them accountable for the losses you suffer as a result. If their actions could be considered grossly negligent, you could also be entitled to punitive… Read More »


Parking Lot Accidents Pose Major Risks During The Winter Season

By Steven G. Lavely |

The winter season is here and local shopping malls and plazas are crowded with shoppers. Unfortunately, in the rush to get gifts, groceries, and other items needed to make this time of year more festive, it is easy to let your guard down when it comes to safety. Parking lot accidents are common and… Read More »