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Monthly Archives: April 2023


Fatal Motorcycle Accidents In Bradenton: Know The Risks

By Steven G. Lavely |

Spring is finally here and many motorcyclists are hitting the road. While warmer weather and the longer days are ideal for riding, it is important to use caution. Motorcycle crashes and collisions involving other road users can be fatal. Our Bradenton motorcycle lawyer wants you to be aware of the risks. Motorcycle Accident Near… Read More »


Five Questions To Consider Before Settling A Bradenton Car Accident Claim

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accidents in Bradenton are one of the most common causes of personal injuries. These can impact the health and financial security of victims and their families for months or even years after. Many feel pressured to rush into accepting an auto insurance company settlement, but our Bradenton car accident lawyer recommends considering the… Read More »


Distracted Driving Awareness Month: How You Can Help Decrease Bradenton Distracted Driving Accident Risks

By Steven G. Lavely |

With so much competing for our attention today, maintaining focus on any one thing can prove challenging. Unfortunately, this can have disastrous consequences when behind the wheel. In honor of Distracted Driving Month, our Bradenton distracted driving accident lawyer wants you to be aware of the potential dangers and how to reduce the risks…. Read More »


The Advantages Of Having A Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer Handle Your Bradenton Car Accident Claim

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accident injuries in Bradenton can have devastating impacts on your health and future financial security. When they happen due to the negligence of others, you have the right to hold them accountable in a claim. Bradenton car accident lawyer Steven G. Lavely has over 30 years of experience successfully representing clients in these… Read More »