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Monthly Archives: May 2023


Older Americans Month: How To Reduce The Risk Of Older Adult Car Accidents In Bradenton

By Steven G. Lavely |

Older adult motorists may have years of driving skill and experience on their side, but the effects of aging can put them at risk. Their age not only makes them more likely to be involved in a crash but also more likely to suffer serious personal injuries. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer offers tips… Read More »


Take Precautions To Prevent Teen Car Accidents During Prom And Graduation Season

By Steven G. Lavely |

Spring means that the school year is winding down and many local students will be making plans for prom and graduation. While this is an exciting time of the year both for teenagers and their families, it is also one of the most dangerous in terms of car accident risks. Teen-related crashes and collisions… Read More »


When Car Accident Injuries In Bradenton Are Catastrophic

By Steven G. Lavely |

Car accidents in Bradenton are one of the leading causes of personal injuries. Even a relatively minor crash can have major impacts on your health. Unfortunately, in some cases, injuries suffered may be catastrophic. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer explains more about these types of injuries and how to get the total amount you… Read More »


Uninsured Car Accidents In Bradenton: High Rates Increasing Risks

By Steven G. Lavely |

Automobile insurance helps to protect you and other motorists in the event of a collision. All drivers are required to have coverage in place, but high rates make it challenging for some to maintain. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of uninsured car accidents, which jeopardizes your rights to compensation. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer… Read More »