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You’ve been solicited by a lawyer

You’ve just been arrested. Don’t be surprised in suddenly your mailman groans over the high volume of “direct mail” solicitations you will receive from lawyers wanting to represent you. As with most high volume businesses whether it’s selling cars or groceries these business are built on get them in get them out with little time for quality control. The practice of law is no different. The lawyers who solicit you thru the mail know if you respond to their advertisement you are responding to the other dozen(s) of other solicitations. Therefore for their business model to succeed they are aware they must quote you a cut rate fee; which not surprisingly comes with cut rate service. My advice, get the public defender if you qualify. These lawyers work on the same premise. Don’t lose sight of the fact you get what you pay for and “there’s a sucker born every minute.” If your searching for a lawyer that will offer you individual service with the knowledge of a board certified trial lawyer contact the lawyers at Lavely and Whyte. Don’t go it alone or go into court with a lawyer whose business model is to spend as little time on your file as possible.