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As you might imagine I occasionally puruse other lawyer’s websites. I’ve noticed many now have a chat line available. Many times a very attractive person’s picture appear will appear; reminds me of a dating website. I can’t be entirely sure, but my educated guess is you’re probably chatting with Aadab from India or Florence in Seattle. I’m confident when I tell you the person you’re chatting with is probably not a lawyer, has no legal experience and is answering from a script they’ve been given. Even worse they’re probably monitoring 100’s of lawyer websites around the country giving the same stock answer to persons requesting information. Call (941) 747-7994 or (727) 550-8800 24 hours a day and the chances are very good you’ll talk to a real Florida lawyer that will give you a free telephone consultation. You can even ask them for their Florida Bar number and look them up on line. They may not be as pretty as the chat box photo, but I’m confident they will have a lot more legal knowledge than Aadab from India.