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Why it’s important to retain a Board Certified Trial Specialist

Very few lawyers in Florida have the privilege to identify themselves as Board Certified by the Florida Bar, and therefore as an expert. However, Matt Whyte and Steve Lavely have earned this distinction. A recent case from the legal files illustrates the importance of choosing the right lawyer. An expert as opposed to somebody who just tells you their aggressive or tenacious or ferocious. That may confuse an ordinary consumer, but certainly should not impress a person who does their due diligence when retaining a or . In Fasini v. Kowalski a significant award was taken away by the Appellate court as the attorney for the injured party apparently did not know the law as to what was a proper argument. You should be confident the “Experts” at Lavely and Whyte would not make such a mistake. Our years of experience and credentials should provide you with the confidence as we have obtained the hightest credentials as recognized by the Florida Bar. Don’t just rely on boastful comments any one can make on television; look for the Florida Bar Board Certification seal as your assurance the lawyer you choose has taken the time and effort to be called an expert by his/her peers.