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Uninsured motorist coverage/why it’s a must

We’ve discussed this before; why do you need UM. Sadly another reminder in the Tampa Bay Times. A person was catastroically injured by a negligent county employee driver ( police officer) and because of soverign immunity her most basic needs can’t be met. As trajic as this case is, don’t be a burden to your loved ones. For information as to uninsured moptorist coverage and all insurance inquires contact us at Lavely & Whyte. We are so weasy to reach to consult with. www.lavelylaw.com (941) 747-7994 (877) 397-3787 http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/severely-injured-by-a-pasco-sheriffs-deputy-woman-waits-for-justice/1223833