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uninsured motorist claims

Do you really understand the term unisured motorist coverage or insurance? From experience most of my clients do not. Candidly, if I wasn’t representing persons injured in automobile accidents I’m not sure I would understand myself. Basically uninsured motorist insurance covers you in the event the at fault driver has no insurance or not enough insurance coverage to compensate you for your injuires. There is also uninsured motorist coverage that is called non stacked. This significantly curtails your benefits. I realize in this economy we all have tough choices to make and where to try and save money. This may not be one place to try and save a dollar? For information about what is best for you and your family I encourage you to call me @ (941) 747-7994 or send me an email @ steve@lavelylaw.com. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. There are many “tricky” applications of uninsured motorist law; just another of the many reasons to contact a Florida Bar board certifed civil trial lawyer like Steve Lavely before deciding what to do.