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trial in today’s electronic age

I’d like some feedback from my loyal blog readers.  Recently while attending a seminar there was a vendor advertising they could cull through a potential jurors facebook page and other social media sites while we were “deselecting” jurors.
How would you feel if “Big Brother” was looking into your public yet private information?  What an advantage to the trial lawyer to learn what the person says to their friends  as opposed to what they may say in open court.  He even advertised by seeing who your facebook friends were he could predict your leanings toward the issues at trial.  WOW!

A recent example is apparently a former Miss Alabama has been quoted as saying in social media how the shooter in Dallas was a martyr and she understood why he did what he did.  How she felt nothing for the slain officers in Dallas.  I certainly reject this idea; but I as your lawyer would like to know if someone actually felt this way when talking to a potential juror.

How valuable would information like this be if  you were representing a person accused of a crime and the only eyewitness was a police officer?  Do you think what you post on facebook is fair game for anyone to see or do you think it’s private just for you and your friends?