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ten questions to ask before you hire a personal injury lawyer

I begin this essay by stating hopefully you’ve seen my television commercial where I try to point out the difference between the “posers” my word for lawyers who in essence are frauds when they advertise on their websites about their experience when all they do in reality is let their legal secretaries settle claims for the most they think they can get from a insurance company, and real trial lawyers. There are several very experienced trial lawyers in our area; I like to include myslef among them. Now for the questions. 1) May I have as a reference former clients 2)Have you had any diciplinary history with the Florida Bar ( this can easily be checked by searching the Florida Bar .org website and searching the lawyers name 3) How many injury trials have you taken to court? My Florida Bar board certification tells you I’m an experienced trial lawyer. Don’t accept any Mickey Mouse board certification certificate; insist on the Florida Bar symbol 4) Have you handled any cases similar to mine? 5) What are your fees? How does it work? 6)What is your current case load, and will I be able to reach you personally? 7)How long will it take to resole? 8) Will I always be dealing with yoiu a Florida Bar Board Certified Trial Lawyer or will I be dealing with a less experienced lawyer? If less experienced is the fee less? 9) Why wouldn’t a lawyer be Florida Bar Board Certified? Wouldn’t you want to show your peers your qualified and capable of passing this stringent examination? 10) What makes you different than the high volume television lawyers I see on televsion? These are just a few of the questions you should ask any lawyer before you retain them. As a generaly rule ost injury lawyers charge the same fee; but there all not the same. Call me Steven G. Lavely, a very proud to be a Florida Bar Board Certified Trial Lawyer to explain why we think we’re the most qualified to help you with your case.