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Summer Road Trip? Ways To Protect Against Bradenton Car Accidents


Summer provides greater freedom to travel, and many people plan road trips to visit destinations in the Sunshine State and across the country. Memorial Day acted as a sort of unofficial kick-off for the season, and the traffic was heavy. Unfortunately, that increased the risk of car accidents. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer represents injured people injured in crashes. Be aware of common hazards and how to protect yourself and your passengers.

Summer Traffic Increases Bradenton Car Accident Risks

People of all ages eagerly look forward to summer and kick off the season with picnics and other celebrations for fun. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), an estimated 44 million motorists are expected to hit the road at some point over a summer weekend. Whether you plan on visiting our area or are local and taking road trips to other destinations, be aware of the risks.

Increased traffic on U.S. 41 and other major roads can make Bradenton car accidents more likely to happen. Reckless and aggressive behavior on the part of other motorists increases the odds of collisions. This frequently includes:

  • Speeding and going too fast for conditions;
  • Tailgating other motorists;
  • Cutting other drivers off when passing;
  • Failing to yield;
  • Driving under the influence;
  • Talking on cell phones and other distracted driving behavior.

Ways To Reduce Memorial Day Car Accident Risks

If you are planning a summer road trip, the American Safety Council urges you to include road safety as part of your travel plans. Have your car inspected prior to your trip and make any needed repairs. Insist that all passengers wear seatbelts the entire time and follow these tips to prevent car accidents while on the road:

  • Put away your phone and focus your attention on driving;
  • Expect heavier traffic and allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination;
  • Avoid speeding and go slower than posted speeds in heavy traffic or rainy, wet weather;
  • Give other motorists plenty of space on the road;
  • If you encounter a reckless or aggressive driver, refuse to engage;
  • If another driver behaves in a way that is a danger to themselves or others, get a description of their vehicle, pull over at the first safe location, and notify the authorities.

Despite taking all of the appropriate precautions, crashes and collisions can still happen. If you are injured in a car accident in Bradenton, notify the authorities immediately. Get insurance and contact information for other drivers, make sure an accident report is filed, seek medical care for your injuries, and contact our Bradenton car accident lawyer for trusted legal guidance in filing a claim.

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