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red light running cameras

Has your community established red light cameras? Do you know if your vehicle in your name is “caught” running a red light you will receive a citation regardless if you were operating the vehicle. Recently a judge in Pasco County Florida ruled the red light camera citations were unconstitutional. The reasoning is sound. Under the law in this country should a person be compelled to offer evidence when they’re accused? The law requires you to provide evidence you were not the driver. This of course goes against everything we’re taught as middle school students, let alone in law school. The government should be required to prove their case and not require you the citizen to disprove it. Also, do not be misled by the small amount in controversy. The United states Constitution protects us all. To ignore the law because the amount in controversy is small is to begin to slide down a slippery slope that will ultimately lead to authorities ignoring the law. Don’t let it happen. For advice on this issue as well as other legal issues concerning the Constitution contact the legal experts @ Lavely & Whyte (877) 397-3787.