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Our heroes in Blue

We all suffered a tremendous loss on January 24th with the death of two police officers in St. Petersburg. The loss hit particularly close as the scene of this senseless murder is within a long walk from my home. The school in “lockout” is attended by my middle schooler. She expressed sadness over the loss as well as fear during the “lockout” and fear when the electricity was turned off. As former prosecutors Matt and I have developed strong ties and friendships to many members of the law enforcement community. Even now as lawyers these bonds remain as we all realize we are one in the same in that while they protect the streets, we protect citizens also by ensuring the Constitution is upheld and all rights are protected. Please take time the next time you see a police officer on the street or in a restaurant and thank them for protecting you and your children and our way of life. Why these senseless killings took place we will never understand; what we do know is we all owe these heroes in uniform a debt we will never be able to repay. Steve