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Night Blindness Increases Bradenton Car Accident Risks


Many people have difficulties driving at night. In addition to the potential for being tired and more easily distracted, you may have a problem seeing the road, your lane, or other vehicles nearby. As the days get shorter throughout the fall season, night blindness becomes a more serious threat for local motorists. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer explains more about the problem and how you can reduce your risks.

Night Blindness A Common Problem Among Drivers

Night blindness is a common type of vision impairment that can impact people of all ages. As the name implies, it makes it difficult to see at night or in dimly lit environments. Many motorists cite it as a serious hazard on the road and, if they suffer from it, may do their best to avoid driving after dark. Unfortunately, this becomes increasingly difficult during the fall and winter seasons.

Time changes go into effect on Sunday, November 5, 2023, when we ‘fall back’ an hour, ending Daylight Savings Time. As a result, it will start getting dark as early as 5:00 p.m. As many motorists are still making their commutes or running errands during this time, night blindness becomes a major issue at this time of year. Impacts it can have on your driving abilities include:

  • Increased sensitivity to glare;
  • Momentary blindness due to bright lights;
  • Seeing double and other vision disturbances;
  • Difficulties seeing traffic signs, other motorists, or lines on the road.

As a result of these impacts, people with night blindness are more likely to make dangerous driving mistakes that could endanger them and others on the road.

Driver Safety Tips If You Struggle With Night Blindness

The National Safety Council (NSC) warns that if you struggle with night blindness, it could impact your depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral vision. In addition to making it generally more difficult to see, it could potentially cause temporary blindness when you pass other vehicles.

The decreased daylight hours in fall and winter make it one of the most dangerous times of year for car accidents in Bradenton due to night blindness. To protect yourself, the NSC recommends following these tips:

  • Clean your windshield, as streaks and film contribute to glare;
  • Make sure both headlights are in good working order and pointed straight ahead;
  • Turn down your dashboard lights and avoid looking directly into another driver’s headlights;
  • Slow down and avoid following other drivers too closely;
  • Discuss your night blindness with your doctor and get a vision test;
  • If you require glasses, opt for anti-glare lenses.

Injured In A Crash? Contact Our Bradenton Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents in Bradenton often spike in the winter, and night blindness is a common contributing factor in these crashes. If you or someone you love is injured, reach out to the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely. We can thoroughly investigate your case and provide the experienced, professional legal representation you need to file a claim. Call or contact our office online today and request a consultation with our Bradenton car accident lawyer.