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Misleading lawyer advertisements

Last week I stayed home a couple of days as I was sick. I watched a lot of daytime (local) television rather than cable as I wanted to see what the poor folks in hospitals or without cable saw from television advertising lawyers. To summarize: THEIR ADVERTISMENTS ARE MISLEADING ! One of the most glaring examples are lawyers who advertise no fee guarantee or no fees unless we win! Every lawyer I know that handles injury cases always handles the case on a contingency. What that means is a percentage of the recovery. As Billy Preston sang when I was growing up, ” Nothing from Nothing is Nothing” Likewise 33 and 1/3 percent of nothing is nothing. That’s how they can promise no fee unless you recover. Candidly it’s the same with every lawyer. This should raise to you the injured party the obvious question; if the lawyer is going to be misleading to get my case, when do they stop misleading me? The answer is quite simple. Hire a lawyer with courtroom experience who will not double talk you. As board certified civil and criminal trial lawyers we are allowed to call ourselves EXPERTS in trial law. Less than 2% of Florida lawyers are board certified in civil or criminal trial law. We are specialists. If you’ve been injured or arrested call your EXPERT. Straight talk without the gimmicks. (941) 747-7994 (727) 550-8800 (877) EXPERTS (877) 397-3987