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Misleading Advertisements

Well, they’re at it again. The high volume advertisers are using a minuscule disclaimer ( fine print) to avoid misleading the public. Have you recently seen an advertisement on television where the lawyers are on the courthouse steps and reporters are clamoring for the lawyers’ attention? It could be misleading; according to the Florida Bar’s standing committee for advertising. The committee ruled this type of advertising is false, misleading and deceptive. However, the committee ruled a disclaimer (fine print) indicating it was a dramatization, not an actual event would bring the ad into compliance. Perhaps the dramatization was the lawyers actually appearing in a courtroom? We’d like your opinion as to television advertisement. Do you think as we do? That many of these high-volume advertisers need directions to the courthouse to film their commercials? Do you think insurance companies respect high volume advertisers, as they work on volume and accept low-ball settlements to feed their enormous advertising budget? What’s your opinion? Is it different than ours? Please let us know. P.S. Don’t blink or you’ll miss the disclaimer