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Make A New Years Resolution To Help Reduce Car Accidents In Bradenton


A new year means a fresh start. Many people make resolutions regarding how they will improve their health, home, happiness, and finances in the year ahead. Car accidents in Bradenton are unfortunately common throughout the year and can leave you and those you love suffering severe, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer encourages everyone to make a few simple resolutions to help reduce the risks.

Make Vehicle Safety A Priority In 2024

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reports that close to 6,000 car accidents in Manatee County happen each year. These can cause serious harm to drivers, passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and others involved.

One of the first steps in reducing the risks involves basic vehicle safety. To protect yourself, your passengers, and other people nearby against potentially life-threatening car accident injuries in Bradenton, make the following a priority in 2024:

  • Have your vehicle serviced regularly: Mechanical failures can cause breakdowns or other issues on the road and increase Bradenton car accident risks.
  • Do spot checks and address any issues: Check your tire pressure regularly and be alert for strange sounds, smells, or warning lights that could indicate a problem.
  • Make sure all passengers wear seat belts: Seat belts save lives. Insist everyone in your car wear one at all times.
  • Use child safety seats: If you have small children, be sure they are secured in an appropriately sized child car seat. If you do not have a car seat or have questions about using or installing it in your vehicle, the Southern Manatee Fire and Rescue Child Safety Seat Program may be able to help.

New Year’s Resolutions To Protect Yourself On The Roads

Ensuring your vehicle is safe and all passengers are properly secured is the first step in reducing Bradenton car accident risks. Make the following New Year’s resolutions to significantly reduce the odds of being involved in a crash:

  • Pay attention: Under the Florida Statutes, it is illegal to use cell phones or other handheld devices to make calls, texts, or engage in other activities behind the wheel. Be aware that anything that distracts your attention for even a few seconds increases car accident risks.
  • Drive sober: Avoid getting behind the wheel with any amount of alcohol or drugs in your system. Be aware of how certain medical conditions or prescription drugs could impact driving abilities as well.
  • Be respectful of other drivers: Engaging in aggressive behavior such as tailgating, failing to yield, or improper passing, all of which can trigger a crash.
  • Follow local traffic laws: Avoid speeding, running red lights, and other dangerous and illegal driving behaviors.

Request A Consultation With Our Bradenton Car Accident Lawyer

The Law Office of Steven G. Lavely wishes you and your loved ones a safe and happy new year. In the event an accident happens, we help you get the compensation you need to recover. Call or contact our office online and request a consultation with our Bradenton car accident lawyer.