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Jurors going to jail? It could happen

First, if you currently are on a jury and are reading this blog or other Internet information please stop immediately. You probably received an instruction from the judge you could not do any independent research or investigation. Your entire decision must be based on what you hear or see from the witness stand. However, if you have been recently summoned for jury duty and just want to know your duties and obligations please read on. At the courthouse you will be instructed by the clerk’s office of your responsibilities. Many times you are shown a movie of what to expect. It’s actually quite a privilege to sit for jury duty. Our system of justice would not work without persons like yourself serving our community. Recent developments have compelled us to advise you of pitfalls that may occur. Did you know in California it’s now a crime to “tweet” about your jury service while you’re on a jury? In Sarasota recently a juror was removed from jury duty during a trial when he sent a facebook friend request to an attractive party in the lawsuit. His hormones may land him in jail. If you want more information on what to expect as a party to a lawsuit or as a juror please continue to read our blog or contact the lawyers @ Lavely & Whyte @ lavelylaw.com or by telephone @ 941 747-7994 or 877 EXPERTS (877) 397-3787