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How to choose a lawyer

Many people wonder, “how do I choose a lawyer?” I think we all agree the person who is on television around the clock will probably never see my file. It takes no level of skill to qualify as a T. V. lawyer. Some things those in the business find important are; 1) What is your fee? 2) Have you handled a case like mine before? 3) Do you carry malpractice insurance? 4) Have you ever been disciplined by the Florida Bar Association? 5) When was your last trial, and where can I go to verify this information? 6) Are you a board certified trial lawyer? Remember only lawyers that are board certified by the Florida Bar are allowed to call themselves experts. All the lawyers @ Lavely & Whyte are board certified trial lawyers. Doesn’t your case deserve an expert or specialist. Contact us @ 877 EXPERTS (877) 397-3787 or 941 747 7994