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Halloween safety tips

just a friendly reminder to BEWARE 1) Remind children to never go into a stranger’s house to retrieve candy; even if it’s someone they know! 2) Stay in well lit streets. 3) Do not run across streets when going from house to house. Its dark and many drivers will be looking at other kids and their costumes; you are a moving target. Don’t assume a driver can see you just because you see their headlights! 4) Make sure your child’s costume is flame retardant; many places nowadays are trying to outdo their neighbor with decorations or pyrotechnics; this could lead to disastrous consequences. 5) Use reflective tape or a light that flashes so you’re easily seen by distracted drivers. Hopefully with these tips we all can avoid a trip to the ER. Have a great time and save some candy for your next visit to the office; we all love chocolate! Steven G. Lavely (941) 747-7994