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Fraud on the Court

Every trial lawyer’s nightmare is to spend considerable time and money prosecuting a case and discovery; their client is less than truthful. Did you know under florida’s liberal discovery laws a defendant has an absolute right to examine your prior medical history? Did you know failure to be honest can result in your case being dismissed by the court for fraud on the court? Every person coming before the court has an absolute duty to disclose their medical history and be truthful. That may sound silly that persons may not comply with this requirememnt but it happens. Recently in Perrine v. Henderson Swell Construction 37 Fla. Law weekly D1011 Mr. Perrine learned the hard way honesty is the best policy. His claim for injuries was dismissed by the trial court and affirmed by the applellate cdourt. His material misrepresentations rose to the level the court struck his claim and his right to compensation for what may have been legitimate claims. For more information on this issue or any legal issue contaqct the trial experts @ Lavely & Whyte (941) 747-7994 or (877) EXPERTS (877) 397-3787.