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Fraud on the Court

Just a reminder to whomever reads this blog and is in litigation; just like the political candidates your past is important. So is your recall. There are many attempts by insurance defense lawyers to destroy your claim. This is of course their job and fair game. Your past personal history and more importantly your medical history becomes relevant when you’ve filed a lawsuit seeking money damages for your injuries.

Let’s face reality; in todays’ internet world and information sharing world every time a claim is made the insurance company is going to know if you’ve made a prior claim. Tell the truth to your doctor and your lawyer. Nothing will torpedo a case faster than the appearance you’ve tried to hide this information. Nobody has a perfect memory or recall, but any mistakes in recall will be held against you by a jury.

The moral of the story is think before you talk; and remember the enemy has done their intelligence report on you. Fair or not it’s here to stay.