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Five Bad Faith Insurance Practices After Car Accidents In Bradenton


Car accidents in Bradenton are common on busy highways and local streets in our area. These can cause extensive property damages while leaving you and your passengers with serious personal injuries. Insurance policies you and the other driver have in place can help cover your losses, but it is not uncommon for insurers to engage in bad faith practices. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer explains five common tactics they often employ to deny claims or reduce the amount you are entitled to.

  1. Bad Faith Investigations

In the aftermath of any type of crash or collision that results in personal injuries or property damages, insurers are required to investigate and determine a reasonable settlement. However, these investigations cost time and money, two things insurers are reluctant to invest in. Failure to investigate your claim is a common bad faith practice insurers frequently engage in.

  1. Processing Delays

The Florida Statutes have strict requirements for insurers when it comes to dealing with consumers. One of these is to process claims in a timely manner. However, these companies often try to avoid making payouts for as long as possible, hoping you become desperate and eventually settle for whatever amount is finally offered.

  1. Pressure to Accept Immediate Settlements 

Conversely, the insurer may surprise you by offering an immediate settlement. This is a common tactic that allows them to pay less than what you are otherwise entitled to. It takes time to determine the extent of your injuries and the total amount you will need to pay medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. An immediate settlement could leave you paying significant amounts out-of-pocket. Once you accept, you waive the right to any future claims.

  1. Downplaying Your Losses

Even a seemingly minor car accident in Bradenton can result in serious personal injuries that impact your health and ability to work for months or years after. Unfortunately, another common tactic used by insurers is to downplay the situation and the amount of time it will take you to recover.

This is why it is important to get medical attention immediately, follow all of your doctor’s instructions regarding treatment and activity restrictions, and keep thorough medical records. All of this provides important evidence in support of your claim. 

  1. Denying Otherwise Valid Claims

Insurers may attempt to deny coverage or dispute the terms and the amount you are entitled to, despite the evidence and our attempts at reaching a reasonable settlement. In this type of situation, we can take legal action against them through the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation while also filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver involved.

Contact Our Bradenton Car Accident Lawyer

To protect your rights in dealing with insurers after a car accident in Bradenton, reach out to the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely. We have extensive experience dealing with these companies and take the legal actions needed to get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Call or contact our Bradenton car accident lawyer online and request a consultation today.