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Common Types of Bike Accidents and How to Avoid Them


Riding a bike is an excellent form of physical fitness, and it can also be a cost effective way to get around town. Unfortunately, there is little to protect bicycle riders against collisions with other motorists, and injuries sustained in these accidents tend to be severe. To protect yourself, whether you ride for fun or as a way to get to school or work, it is important to be aware of these common types of bicycle accidents and how to avoid them.

Five Common Bike Accidents

Statistics from Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES) indicate there were close to 7,000 bicycle accidents that occurred in our state during 2016. This ranks us at the top of the nation in terms of the total number of bike accidents and injuries which occur each year. To help protect you from being a victim in one of these accidents, we have collected the following tips from the group Bicycle Safe. They outline five common ways bicycle accidents occur and how you can potentially avoid them:

  1. Turning collisions: You are driving down the road, approaching an intersection. You have the right of way, but a car pulls out in front of you or hits you from the side. You can help avoid this type of accident by increasing your visibility, such as by wearing bright colored clothing or installing a headlight on your bike, and by slowing down and yielding the right of way if necessary.
  1. Door collisions: You are riding in an area which offers street parking when suddenly a driver opens their door, causing you to crash. Riding somewhat to the left instead of hugging the right side of the road can help to avoid this.
  1. Wrong way accidents: You are riding against traffic when suddenly a car turns right from an adjoining street and hits you head on. Bicyclists are required to always ride with traffic, which can prevent this type of collision.
  1. Red light collisions: You are riding alongside traffic, hugging the curb. You stop at a red light, and when it turns green, the driver next to you makes a turn, hitting into your bike. Prevent this type of accident by following traffic rules and staying behind the driver in front of you, rather than creating your own lane.
  1. Rear end collisions: You are riding your bike and get struck from behind by a motorist. To prevent these types of serious collisions, increase your visibility, make sure you have rear view mirrors on your bike so you can see traffic behind you, and try to ride on wide streets, which allow you room to escape.

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