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Bradenton Parking Lot Accident Results In Tragic Death Of Local Child


Motor vehicle accidents in Bradenton are a leading cause of personal injuries among residents of all ages. Unfortunately, they can prove deadly when children are involved. Particularly when playing in parking lots, they face serious risks. Our Bradenton car accident lawyer shares a recent crash that claimed the life of a local child and how we can prevent this type of tragedy from happening in the future.

Child Killed While Playing In Bradenton Parking Lot

A February 2024 FOX 13 news report states that a five-year-old child was playing in a local parking lot recently when she was struck and killed by a driver. It happened at the Sunset Village Parking Lot, east of US-41 on 14th Street West.

The little girl was outdoors and playing with her siblings in a white-painted safety zone/parking space while her mother was inside the nearby laundromat, washing clothes. A 45-year-old Bradenton man driving a Dodge Journey was headed south when he pulled into the parking lot and turned into the space the children were playing in. The front right side of his vehicle struck the little girl, and while she was rushed to a local hospital, her injuries proved tragically fatal.

Police arrested the at-fault driver, who was operating the vehicle with a suspended driver’s license. He was taken to the Mannetee County Jail and faces vehicular homicide charges.

Parking Lot Accidents Pose Major Risks To Children

Car, bike, and pedestrian accidents are among the most common causes of death for children. Sadly, the National Safety Council reports that one of the places where potentially life-threatening injuries are most likely to happen is in parking lots.

Children often ride their bikes or otherwise congregate in local city parking lots, as they provide an open area to play and are generally considered safe from nearby traffic. Unfortunately, when drivers race through these areas or are distracted, the consequences can be catastrophic. Ways to reduce the potential risks include:

  • When entering, exiting, or driving through local parking lots, be aware of any bicyclists and pedestrians that may be nearby;
  • Realize that being small, children are typically harder to see, especially if you drive a truck, SUV, or other taller vehicle;
  • Reduce your speed, which in most parking lots is limited to 10-15 miles per hour;
  • Obey all traffic signs posted in parking lots and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks;
  • Be particularly careful when pulling into or out of parking spaces.

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Children are among the most common victims of car accidents in Bradenton, and the results can prove tragic. If your child was hurt due to the reckless behavior of others, the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely helps you hold them accountable.

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