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Beware of the “imitation leather” personal injury lawyer

Perhaps it’s just a Monday morning vent: however I felt it important to discuss the “imitation leather” personal injury lawyer. You know what I’m talking about;  the personal injury trial lawyer who appears real, but upon a closer inspection they’re an imitation of the real thing.

I recently attended a legal seminar and the speaker mentioned he was the trial lawyer for many of his competitors in Sarasota who advertise regularly and were “afraid” to appear in court. These are also among the same lawyers who regularly advertise on television. Imagine for a minute if you will; if you’re an adjuster and the lawyer you’re negotiating with will never take your case to trial, would you pay the maximum value on the claim? Of course not!
There’s a story that illustrates the point.

When one of the local volume advertising lawyers couldn’t resolve a claim and threatened to file suit, the adjuster said, “fine, I’ll hire my lawyer and you can hire your lawyer.”

Retain a Florida Bar board certified lawyer for your injury claim, or run the risk you’ll settle for less! Rant over!