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Back To School Safety: Preventing Car Accidents In Bradenton


After months of online learning last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are eager for in-person classes to resume. While the virus still remains a threat, there are other dangers you need to be aware of when sending children back to school. Car accidents in Bradenton are a serious risk. Find out what you can do to protect yourself, returning students, and others on the road. 

Preventing School Bus-Related Accidents

Many parents have concerns about their children’s safety on school busses but it is generally one of the safest forms of travel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that state and federal regulations help to reduce risks. The real hazards lie with waiting at bus stops and encountering other motorists on the road.

Parents are encouraged to teach children about school bus safety. In addition to avoiding loud noises that could distract the bus driver and remaining in their seat, waiting in an orderly fashion at the bus stop is important. Children should also use caution when getting off the bus, as should drivers who encounter school busses on the road. As a motorist, keep in mind these important rules:

  • When school bus lights flash yellow, prepare to stop and be alert for children waiting nearby.
  • Red flashing lights and/or a stop signal mean that traffic should halt in both directions. Watch for children getting off and bolting across the street, which is a particularly common problem when crossing guards are not present.
  • Even if you are not near a school bus, use caution when going through neighborhoods or in areas surrounding schools. Go slow, stop completely at crosswalks, and be alert for children walking or riding their bikes. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents involving children are far more common than school bus crashes.

Avoiding Car Accidents When Dropping Off Or Picking Children Up At School 

Parents who opt to drive their children to and from school rather than relying on the bus need to take precautions, particularly when picking them up or dropping them off. The time surrounding when classes start or let out for the day are among the most hectic, and children may be more focused on talking to friends than watching out for motorists on the road. To prevent causing potentially serious personal injuries to them or others, the National Safety Council (NSC) recommends the following tips:

  • Find out in advance the pick-up and drop-off procedures for your school;
  • Avoid distractions, such as talking on your phone or texting;
  • Avoid double parking, which reduces visibility for students and other drivers;
  • Do not drop children off across the street from school or in other non-designated area;
  • Carpool to reduce the overall amount of traffic at school.

Let Us Help You Today 

Despite your precautions, car accidents can still happen. If you or your children are injured, reach out and contact our Bradenton car accident attorney. The Law Office Of Steven G. Lavely is here to help you get the compensation you deserve. Request a consultation today.