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Attorney Recovers Almost SIX TIMES Original Offer by Insurance Company

Mr. Lavely represented a police officer that was injured while responding to a burglar alarm. An uninsured, negligent driver ran a stop sign causing a horrific collision. Immediately after the crash, the client began treating for multiple injuries, including tempomandibular joint (TMJ) injuries. The client’s own insurance company hired a doctor to examine our client, and the insurance company then made what we believed to be an unreasonably low offer to settle the case. Under Florida law, an insurance company is supposed to provide financial information about the doctors they hire. However, the insurance company in our case refused to provide the documents, so Mr. Lavely filed a motion to force the insurance company to hand over the information. On the day before the hearing was to be held, the insurance company offered to pay almost six times its original offer rather than disclose these potentially damaging financial records. By using the rules of procedure and discovery to his client’s advantage and applying continued pressure on the insurance company to comply with the law, Mr. Lavely was able to substantially increase his client’s recovery. At the Law Office of Lavely & Whyte, P.A., we will hold the insurance company to their responsibilities and will not settle your case for less than its full value.