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Aggressive and Tenacious

What does aggressive and tenacious mean in the context of hiring a lawyer? Candidly I’m going to admit I don’t know. It seems a lot of lawyers these days advertise they’re aggressive and tenacious or just plain aggressive. I will confess I’ve never snarled like my German shepherd at an insurance lawyer or certainly not at a judge. I think that’s their mantra to make up for not appearing in a courtroom very much. Ask yourself how can a lawyer advertise around the clock on television and accept thousands of cases and then give my case the time and attention my case deserves? Unless they’ve invented a way to have more than 24 hours in every day the answer is of course they cannot give your case the time and attention it deserves. I have found working each file individually and meeting my clients on a regular basis produces the best results. I think it would be foolish to think a insurance company would ever be intimidated by a lawyer who rarely appears in court; except for television advertisment courtrooms. We @ Lavely & Whyte are proud of our accomplishments to be named board certified trial lawyers. We are among the very small percentage that can call ourselves experts or specialists. Please call us @ 877 EXPERTS ( 877 397-387) OR 941 747 7994.