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felony solicitation

Have you been approached by a “runner” at a hospital or other medical facility? This “runner” will tell you he can get for you a lot of money for you as a result of your injury. STOP! He is committing a felony and you are the victim. Florida Statute 817.234(8) makes it a felony to solicit persons to represent them for their injury case. It has come to my attention lawyers and other medical providers are paying individuals to directly solicit persons at area hospitals with false promises. Even the medical personnel and intake persons at area hospitals are in on the scam. Here’s how it works. When you are leaving the hospital an employee of the hospital has been paid to hand you a business card from these illegal felons. The hospital person is paid a fee and so is the “runner” who then has you contact the lawyer or medical clinic who is behind this felonious conduct. Don’t be a victim twice and don’t be part of their scam! Can you trust someone to represent you who is committing a felony to get your business? Of course not. If you want true and honest answers contact the legal experts at Lavely & Whyte. 1-877- EXPERTS or 941 747-7994. We’ll help you win and won’t scam you like the other guys!