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Aggressive Driving Increases Bradenton Car Accident Risks: Is It A Problem For You?


Car accidents in Bradenton happen on an unfortunately regular basis and aggressive driving is often an underlying cause. Being in too much of a hurry, losing your temper easily, and a general lack of consideration for others on the road puts you, your passengers, and other drivers at risk. To prevent these types of crashes, be aware of common aggressive driving behaviors and the signs that it could be a problem for you.

What Is Considered Aggressive Driving?

The American Automobile Association (AAA) defines aggressive driving as any type of unsafe behavior on the road that is performed intentionally, with ill-will, and with a disregard for your own or others’ safety. It is a common factor in car accidents and, according to AAA surveys, something 80 percent of drivers admit to engaging in occasionally.

While often associated with road rage and making gestures at other motorists or yelling at them behind the wheel, aggressive driving is particularly dangerous when it involves the following common types of driving behaviors:

  • Failing to yield right of way when appropriate;
  • Following other drivers too closely;
  • Improper passing and cutting other drivers off;
  • Not using turn signals or other indicators;
  • Running red or yellow lights or making only rolling stops at stop signs;
  • Speeding and going too fast for conditions.

Any of the above could result in you being cited for a traffic violation and increases your overall risks of being involved in a car accident in Bradenton. If a crash does occur and your aggressive driving is to blame, you could be held liable for the property damages and injuries others suffer as a result of your actions either through an insurance claim or car accident lawsuit.

Are You An Aggressive Driver?

While practicing patience and maintaining a civil attitude towards other drivers can create challenges when in a hurry or sitting in traffic, not doing so poses serious risks. Drive Safe Online offers a simple test to determine whether aggressive driving is a problem for you. Among the questions they ask include:

  • Do you maintain appropriate distance when following other vehicles?
  • Do you slow down when approaching stop signs or yellow lights at intersections?
  • Do you take your turn when merging into traffic and when getting on or off highways?
  • Do you avoid speeding up when it is obvious that other drivers are trying to pass?
  • Do you use your car horn only when absolutely needed?
  • Do you avoid commenting about or judging other driver’s performances?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, aggressive driving is likely increasing your car accident risks and is a problem you need to address.

Let Us Help You Today

At the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely, we provide the professional legal representation you need when car accidents happen as a result of aggressive driving, helping you get the compensation you need to recover. To discuss your rights in filing a claim, call or contact our Bradenton car accident attorney online and request a consultation today.