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How to Choose An Attorney

Questions to ask yourself before selecting legal representation:

  1. What is the record of success for this particular law firm?
  2. Are the lawyers Board Certified by the Florida Bar; indicating a willingness and ability to appear in trial for your case?
  3. Does the law firm you’re considering have real, recognized credentials, or is the only reason you know of them because they advertise, which requires no credentials?
  4. With whom will you be speaking with or dealing with; a board certified trial lawyer who is knowledgeable about Florida law or a case manager who will simply report to a lawyer you may or may not even like? Remember, if your case results in litigation, you will be required to spend considerable time with your lawyer. Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover you don’t even like your lawyer.
  5. Is the law firm you’re considering so large you’ll just become a number and will not have a personal relationship with a lawyer?
  6. What are the lawyer’s fees and when will they be paid?
  7. Can the lawyer show you written proof they are really a trial lawyer, not just a settlement lawyer who only wants to resolve your claim quickly to pay their overhead? Don’t be a victim twice by retaining a settlement mill. Insurance companies know which law firms will actually fight for the last dime a client is entitled to and which law firm are built on the volume settlement mill theory of handling accidents claims.
  8. Do claims adjusters, doctors ( not referral services) and other lawyers refer cases to this particular law firm?
  9. Does the law firm actively involve themselves in helping those in the community that are less fortunate, evidencing a real desire to help those in need and help make the lives of others better?
  10. Ask your friends and family about the law firm, and ask have you heard of the law firm only because they constantly advertise?

What Legal Referral Services and Referral Service Lawyers Don’t Want You To Know

You can’t watch television or listen to your radio and not be bombarded with offers of “free” referrals to a lawyer for your auto injury, motorcycle injury or medical malpractice claim. As a Board Certified Trial Lawyer and a Sarasota Criminal Defense Attorney; Steven G. Lavely would ask you when is the last time you received anything of value for free? Enough said!

Referral services usually operate in one of two ways. One method is for the law firm to pay the referral service money in return for the referral. Many referral services do not investigate the quality of the law firm they are suggesting. They are only concerned with making sure their invoice is paid on a monthly basis.

A second method is the referral service also operates a series of medical clinics. There is an unwritten rule between the referral service and the lawyer that in return for the referral, the lawyer must refer the client to the medical clinic for the referral service. Additionally, the lawyer is expected to make sure the medical provider is paid in full regardless of whether the medical treatment was necessary or indicated. This can create a conflict for the lawyer, as the lawyer will naturally feel obligated to please the referral service, even to the detriment of the client. The Board Certified St. Petersburg Accident Attorney Steven G. Lavely will represent you for your motorcycle accident or Florida automobile accident with their sole loyalty to you-the client.

We do not pay anybody or compromise our ethics to obtain your business. We are proud of our reputation as one of the foremost litigation firms in the State of Florida. Remember, only Board Certified lawyers such as Steven G. Lavely can lawfully call themselves experts or specialists. Ask yourself, “does my case deserve an expert or specialist?”

When you retain the Law Office of Steven G. Lavely as your St. Petersburg Accident Attorney you can rest assured the steps have been taken to be qualified with the highest distinction for competence and ability as recognized by the Florida Bar; Board Certification. You can also be confident your case will be constantly monitored by a lawyer and the utmost pride and attention to detail will always be a concern.

Please contact us at (941) 747-7994 to speak with an experienced St. Petersburg Accident Attorney.

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